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Roles in the subsea industry

Below you’ll find information about the job roles that people perform in the subsea sector. This list is designed to give an insight into the broad areas of work available across the whole of the industry, but please note the list is indicative rather than exhaustive. In other words, we have deliberately not taken literal job descriptions from companies; instead, we have described the work activities that make up these jobs in generic terms. Subsea companies use different terminology to describe the same activity.

For example, we have described umbrella areas of work or disciplines such as subsea intervention, which companies may call Field Engineers, or Project Engineers, or Surveyors, and so on.  Read more

Our intention here is to help people from outside the sector to:
  • Navigate the different job roles to learn more about them
  • Consider job opportunities which may be a match for some of their existing skills
  • Help them to identify roles that they may be motivated to apply for
  • Aid the search for relevant vacancies with our member companies
Roles exist within a diverse range of companies. These companies are clustered into the following broad categories:
  • Engineering Design Houses
  • Operators
  • Suppliers/ Manufacturers
  • Major Subsea Contractor
  • Specialist Contractor
Knowing this is helpful in understanding:
  • How work is generated
  • Who the key players are within the subsea marketplace
  • Which companies interface with each other
  • Where different work activities are performed
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Onshore Roles Onshore Roles

Offshore Roles Offshore Roles

Many onshore roles will involve offshore work, and vice versa